About Matt

Software Architect/Lead Engineer

Matthew makes it his mission to develop user-focused software that generates revenue. In today's competitive market, organizations require strong leadership and experience, and Matthew delivers both. He looks forward to helping organizations solve challenging problems and scale to meet demands.

East Greenwich, RI


While completing a full-time workload at the University of Rhode Island Matt interned at McLaughlin Research Corporation. At McLaughlin Matt worked directly for the US Navy with a secret clearance. He worked on a flash firmware updater for a torpedo, as well as helped build the hardware for a torpedo data recorder.

Matt graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

Matt's first full-time occupation was working for Oracle on the Beehive Collaboration Suite. His main role was working on the Enterprise Content Integration team. This team was responsible for helping teams access their data across disparate data silos. Beehive provided multiple repository connectors that supported different types of file access like SFTP or WebDAV.

After 3 years at Oracle Matt was hungry for a new challenge. He wanted exposure to the full product development lifecycle. He started a new opportunity at Enservio where he played a lead role on breaking a monolith application into micro services and implemented automated deployments to deliver features faster for their customers.

Matt's next chapter brought him to a small startup that provided a marketing platform dedicated to local insurance agencies so they can compete with goliaths in the industry. Matt played a lead role in designing and implementing the marketing platform in AWS. In 2015 the platform was acquired by Zywave and integrated into their product suite as Intygral.

After the Zywave acquisition Matt started a new role with Kenzan Media. In this role Matt was designing and leading development teams to deliver solutions for a fortune 500 cable company. These systems were all in AWS and made extensive use of the Netflix OSS software stack.

After a brief stint with Kenzan Media Matt got a great opportunity to help Intersections build a second-generation platform for their Identity Guard product. Matt spends most of his time leading 3 separate development teams as they work on enhancing and maintaining the platform. The platform is housed entirely in AWS and makes use of a large amount of AWS managed services like lambda, dynamoDB, SNS/SQS, stepfunctions, and many more to deliver high quality software to users. Matt is still a developer at art and makes sure that he delivers software each and ever sprint.